Bellinzoni AQ Proof Stone Sealer
Rs. 3,920.00Rs. 3,330.00
Bellinzoni AQ Proof is a water and oil repellent natural stone sealer. This natural effect water-based anti-stain protective...
Bellinzoni AS11 Anti-Slip Maintenance Liquid Wax Polish
Rs. 2,250.00Rs. 1,910.00
Bellinzoni AS11 is the innovative polish for care and maintenance of marble, granite, marble-resin, and marble-cement floors. Basically,...
Bellinzoni AS22 Cleaner & Polisher for Marble and Granite
Rs. 2,250.00Rs. 1,910.00
As cleaning and polishing can be done in one time with Bellinzoni AS22, it is an excellent option...
Bellinzoni Astra 24K is a super transparent two-component mastic for the gluing and filling of marble and stone....
Bellinzoni Duralmax Nanotech Matte Finish Stone Sealer
Rs. 2,720.00Rs. 2,310.00
Bellinzoni Duralmax Stone Sealer has been the first choice of professional contractors when it comes to harden and...
Bellinzoni Epox 2000  is suitable to glue, joint, fill and reinforce various types of granite marble and stones. Product with...
Rs. 4,180.00
Bellinzoni GREZZO is a reviving agent used to increase the coloring of marbles, granites and flamed, honed, antiqued and...
Rs. 6,660.00
Bellinzoni Idea Black Stone Sealer is ideal for using on black granite and other stones as it enhances...
Rs. 6,660.00
Bellinzoni Idea Dark Stone Sealer is particularly for absorbent dark and black stones. It intensifies the natural color...
Bellinzoni Idea Gold Stone Sealer is a nanotechnology high performance formula which is being used to protect natural...
Bellinzoni Idea HP Stone Sealer
Rs. 3,380.00Rs. 2,875.00
Bellinzoni Idea HP is water and oil repellent for marble, granite and other natural stones. It also provides...
Bellinzoni Idea Rapid Color Stone Sealer is ideal for limestone, sandstone, cement and other natural stones. This clear...
Rs. 3,920.00 Rs. 3,330.00
Rs. 2,250.00 Rs. 1,910.00
Rs. 2,250.00 Rs. 1,910.00
Rs. 2,720.00 Rs. 2,310.00
Rs. 4,700.00
Rs. 6,660.00
Rs. 6,660.00
Rs. 3,380.00 Rs. 2,875.00