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Bellinzoni AQ Proof Stone Sealer

Bellinzoni AQ Proof Stone Sealer

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Bellinzoni AQ Proof is a water and oil repellent natural stone sealer. This natural effect water-based anti-stain protective stone sealer is ideal to use for limestone, sandstone, terracotta, cement, non-polished stones and agglomerated. This ready-to-use product protects stones from watery or oil/greasy dirt, reduces the tendency of material to become dirty. In most cases, this sealer doesn’t alter the original color of surface. It goes deeply in stones and doesn’t form any film on the surface. It can be used for interiors and exteriors. It also provide protection from UV rays and keeps mildew away.

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Features of AQ Proof Stone Sealer

  • Repels oil and water.
  • It will not become yellow.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior surface.
  • Resists UV rays.
  • Prevents formation of mildew.

NOTE: Before using, read and follow the instructions carefully that are printed on tin.

How to use Bellinzoni AQ Proof Stone Sealer?

Application: brush, roller, fleece, cloth. Temperature of substrate to be treated must be between 10 and 30°C (50 and 86°F). In case of treatment of heated floor, it is necessary to shut the heating off and wait until the stone has completely cooled. It is suggested, when possible, to apply the product by brush because it allows the product to penetrate well into the stone. Apply AQ PROOF with brush making pressure, this will facilitate penetration into frames and cavities. Apply a second coat after one hour, and then remove the excess of product within 15 minutes.

It is possible to apply more coats of product, in order to improve the protection; pay attention to remove possible excess od product at the end of treatment. Perform a preliminary test before final use. It is possible to use AQ PROOF also on materials with residue moisture.

Instruction to Use the Product

  • It is suggested to apply product until complete saturation of stone.
  • Don not dilute with water or solvent as product is ready to use.
  • It is suggested to apply the product on dry material; anyway, treatment can be carried out even if material has some residual moisture.
  • Once treated, material must be let to dry for 48 hours until complete polymerization occurs.
  • In case of treatment of statues, decorations etc. pay attention to protect well cavities and corners.
  • Read carefully recommendations printed on the label before use.

Technical Characteristics of Bellinzoni AQ Proof Stone Sealer

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Aspect Liquid
Color Lightly orange transparent
Odor Odor-less
Weight 1 Ltr
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,00 ± 0,02 Kg/It
Hydro-solubility Soluble in every ratio
pH 5,2 ± 0,2
Drying Time at 20°C 10-40 Minutes
Shelf Life at 20° 24 Months in Original Packing
For more information See Technical Data Sheet.
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