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Bellinzoni Idea HP Stone Sealer

Bellinzoni Idea HP Stone Sealer

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Bellinzoni Idea HP is water and oil repellent for marble, granite and other natural stones. It also provides protection to the surface from UV rays. It penetrates deeply into the stone, blocks efflorescence and let the stone breaths and doesn’t change the natural of stone. The innovative sealer is particularly made for unpolished stones like antique marble, bush hammered and flamed stones. Sometimes, these stones are being used as it as, means without polishing, which increases the chances of damaging in their beauty due to moisture. Idea HP Stone Sealer is the solution of this problem.

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Features of Idea HP Stone Sealer

  • UV Resistance.
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Odorless and non-flammable at room temperature.
  • Safe to use.

NOTE: Read and follow the instructions before applying.

How to Use Bellinzoni Ideal HP Stone Sealer?

Surface must be clean and dry otherwise it will be harder to remove after protection. Application can be done by brush, by roller or by spray gun. It is suggested, when possible, to apply the product by brush because it allows the products to penetrate well into the stone. Application of product by brush, making pressure, will facilitate penetration into frames and cavities, It is also possible to apply it by airless spray gun, in this case fill the tank with the product and spray at the distance of 20-25 cm. Let the product dry naturally and the stones will be protected. In case of excess of product, the same can be removed using cloth impregnated with Ideal HP.

Suggestion to use the Product

  • It is suggested to apply the product till the complete saturation of the stone.
  • On very absorbent material, it is better to make a second application after an hour from the first.
  • Dont dilute the product with any solvent or water, formulation is ready to use.
  • Material, before treatment, has to be completely dry.
  • For small pieces of stone, it is possible to apply the product immersion. It is also possible to use a sponge completely damped with Idea HP and apply it evenly on the surface.
  • Once the material has been treated, it is necessary to wait for 24 hours for complete polymerization.
  • In case of treatment of statues, decoration etc. pay attention to protect well cavities and corners.
  • Read carefully recommendations printed on the tin before use.

Properties of Bellinzoni Idea HP Stone Sealer

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Appearance Liquid
Color Transparent
Oder Characteristic
Weight 1 Ltr
Specific gravity at 20°C 0,780 ± 0,02
Hydro-solubility Non-Soluble
Shelf Life at 20° 24 Months in Original Packing
For more information See Technical Data Sheet.
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