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Bellinzoni Astra 24K Super Clear Mastic for Marble & Granite

Bellinzoni Astra 24K Super Clear Mastic for Marble & Granite

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Bellinzoni Astra 24K is a super transparent two-component mastic for the gluing and filling of marble and stone. Its good adhesive power and unbeatable transparency makes Astra 24K an indispensable product for marble and light colored stones whereas the transparency is a particular necessity. Typical example is the filling of Travertino whenever the characteristic holes need to be seen. It resists very well to U.V rays because the yellowing typical of all resins is very low. This excellent property is due to the usage of very rich resins and a special liquid hardener, which has been studied to privilege the transparency, and it avoids the mix to become opaque after the catalyzation.

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How to Use Bellinzoni Astra 24K

Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew , crusting must be scraped off. Make sure the parts to be filled or glued are thoroughly dried, cleaned and dust free. Add 2% in weight of the liquid hardener to the mastic. Mix well till an homogeneous mass is obtained. Apply by spreading with a brush or spatula and by pouring then spreading with a spatula on horizontal surfaces. Once hardened after three hours (20° C), the mastic can be grinded and polished.

Suggestion for Using Bellinzon Astra 24K

  • Usage of hardener higher than 3% reduce adhesivity of the product, reduce workable time and could make colour variation.
  • Avoid usage of Astra 24K at temperatures below 15°C (59° F) because hardening time will be longer.
  • Formulation is ready for use; do not dilute the product with any solvent or water.
  • During mixing of the two components do not catalyze the two full tins at one time to avoid the mass effect.
  • If the catalysis ratio is not respected hardening time could change.
  • Use of the colouring paste higher than 2% could reduce adhesivity of the product.
  • Once the material has been treated it is necessary to wait 1 hour before moving it.
  • The product, after mixing with hardener, is workable for a around 18 minutes 20°C  ( 68°F).

Technical Characteristics of Bellinzoni Astra 24K

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Appearance Liquid
Color Clear Transparent
Oder Characteristic
Weight 1.040 KG
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,10 ± 0,02
Hydro-Solubility Non-Soluble
Catalysis ratio for the two components 2% in wight
Shelf Life at 20° 6 Months in Original Packing
For More Information Check Technical Data Sheet
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