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Bellinzoni Duralmax Nanotech Matte Finish Stone Sealer

Bellinzoni Duralmax Nanotech Matte Finish Stone Sealer

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Bellinzoni Duralmax Stone Sealer has been the first choice of professional contractors when it comes to harden and strengthen the stone. This product works best on marble and calcareous stones. Its unique properties protect the surface from foot traffic and dirt deposit. Nanotech Duralmax enhances color and gives matte finish to the surface. This product is recommended to be used for indoor surface only.

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Features of Bellinzoni Duralmax Nanotech

  • Soluble in every ratio.
  • 1 liter covers near around 215 to 320 square feet of area. Depends on stone type and porosity.
  • It can be used for calcareous stones, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, and marble.

Properties of Bellinzoni Duralmax Stone Sealer




Milky white



Specific gravity at 20° C (68° F)

1,05 ± 0,02


Soluble in every ratio


8,00 ± 0,02

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