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Bellinzoni GREZZO Polishing Protective Enhancer

Bellinzoni GREZZO Polishing Protective Enhancer

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Bellinzoni GREZZO is a reviving agent used to increase the coloring of marbles, granites and flamed, honed, antiqued and split stones. Its formulation also increases the resistance to penetration of liquids and lets the material breathe, leaving residual moisture out, without creating any unsightly film.

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Technical Characteristics of Bellinzoni GREZZO Stone Sealer

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Apperance Liquid
Color Yellow transparent
Odor Characteristic
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,30±0,02
Hydro-solubility Not soluble
Drying Time at 20°C 30-60 Minutes
Shelf Life at 20° 24 Months in Original Packing
For more information See Technical Data Sheet.
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