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Bellinzoni Epox 2000 (Transparent)

Bellinzoni Epox 2000 (Transparent)

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Bellinzoni Epox 2000  is suitable to glue, joint, fill and reinforce various types of granite marble and stones. Product with a higher adhesive power, its performance makes it useful to fill or rectify also big imperfections on works that otherwise would be considered waste. Weather-proof and with a very high resistance to solvent, alkali and acid, is the best filler-paste for marbles and granites.

Available in Liquid and Solid

Features of Bellinzoni Epox 2000 :

  • Size – 1.5 liter.
  • Ideal for marble, granite, terrazzo, and agglomerated marble.
  • It is 2 component epoxy.


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