Influential Waterproofing Solutions by Truworth Homes

Problems, for example, leaking rooftops, damp walls and plaster cracks are common to various constructions, old or new. It is vital to address these issues before they weaken and harm the structure any further. Now waterproofing problems won't repeat in any corner of your home. Truworth Homes offers world class waterproofing products, the technologically advanced range of waterproofing solutions from Rust-Oleum to keep your home away for dampness, leakage and cracks. The product range includes wide variety of new construction and repair waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls, Structure, Foundation, Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Bodies. We have an innovatory range of products, carefully fit to fix certain dampness problems and the waterproofing needs of homes and industries. So, Say goodbye to waterproofing problems!

Waterproofing Products to Repair Leakages and Cracks

  • Use Watertite Hydraulic Cement to patch all holes and cracks, especially active water leaks. This can also be also used to stop water leakage even when water is flowing.
  • Watertite Polyurethane Sealant is best seal the small joints where the floors and walls meet.
  • Leak Seal Waterproofing Spray is best DIY product in order to repair leakage in pipes, small cracks on walls or roof.

NOTE: We are offering the waterproofing products for wood, concrete, stones etc. Thus, you need to browse the entire category in order to find right product or you may contact us.


Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Brush Waterproof Rubber Coating
Now LeakSeal Rubber coating is available in Liquid From as well! This product has been quick and effective...
Rust-Oleum Watertite Hydraulic Waterproof Cement
Is your terrace leaking? Is there any water leakage in your basement? No more worries because Rust-Oleum Watertite...
Rust-Oleum Roofing Plastic Roof Cement
Rust-Oleum Plastic Roof Cement is highly flexible and designed to stop cracking on roof. Particularly it resists cracking...
Rust-Oleum Roofing Neoprene Rubber Flashing Cement
Rs. 2,290.00Rs. 2,061.00
If your exterior walls and roofs have cracks in it, it can lead to numerous problems. The most...
Rust-Oleum Watertite Polyurethane Sealant - Seal Cracks In Walls
Rust-Oleum Watertite Polyurethane Sealant is the best wall crack repair products. It is particularly made to seal cracks...
Rust-Oleum Watertite Mold Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint
Zinsser WaterTite Mold & Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint is a low odor, oil-based water-proofing paint designed to waterproof interior...
Zinsser Watertite - Lx Mold  Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint
Rust-Oleum Watertite LX Mold & Mildew Proof Waterproofing Paint is specially designed to protect your home from the...
Rust-Oleum Non-Fibered Asphalt Emulsion Damp Proof Paint / Coating
Rust-Oleum Non-Fibered Asphalt Damp Proof Paint empowers you to make concrete surface waterproof. This innovative paint is particularly...
Rust-Oleum Elastomeric Roof Patch
Rust-Oleum Elastomeric Roof Patch is highly flexible product for repairing roof and sealing metal roof fasteners. This long...
This best waterproofing paint for roof available in market. Truworth imports this from Rust-Oleum USA. (Best manufacturer of...
Rust-Oleum 310 Roof and Foundation Damp Proof Coating
Dampness on roofs and vertical walls occurs due to penetration of water. You need high quality coating to...
Rust-Oleum 7 Years Elastomeric Coating Paint for Roof
Provide ultimate protection to terrace with Rust-Oleum 7 Years Elastomeric Coating Paint which is extremely durable. This roof...
Rs. 3,060.00
Rs. 3,636.00
Rs. 531.00
Rs. 2,290.00 Rs. 2,061.00
Rs. 1,764.00
Rs. 9,774.00
Rs. 5,652.00
Rs. 11,290.00 Rs. 5,645.00
Rs. 6,606.00
Rs. 16,600.00
Rs. 13,740.00 Rs. 6,870.00
Rs. 34,460.00 Rs. 17,230.00