Rust-Oleum Penetrating Lubricant Spray

Rust-Oleum Penetrating Lubricant Spray - 454 Grams

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Rust-Oleum Penetrating Lubricant Spray is a fluid which is being used to free rusted mechanical parts like buts and bolts. The specialties this lubricant are it provides lubrication constantly even during attacking tough rusted areas and it can penetrate between two small spaces. This is recommended to be used for professional use only.

Features of Penetrating Lubricant Spray

  • Penetrating actions seeps into the smallest openings to free stuck rust parts.
  • Great for rusted bolts, threads fittings and more.
  • Available in aerosol can which makes it convenient to use.
  • Delivers a protective film to the surface that resists moisture.

NOTE: To get the best results, read and follow the guidelines that are printed on tin.

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How to Use Rust-Oleum Penetrating Lubricant Spray?

Use in a well ventilated area when temperatures are between 50 -90ºF (10-32ºC). Avoid spraying in very windy and dusty conditions. Shake well before and during use. Hold can 10-16” from the surface and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion and allow a few minutes for penetration action before attempting to loosen heavily rusted or frozen parts. Repeat as necessary for areas with heavy deposits.

Precautions: Vapors may ignite explosively. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Extinguish all flames and pilot lights, heaters, electric motors and other sources of ignition during use and until all vapors are gone. Prevent buildup of vapors by opening all windows and doors to achieve cross ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Properties of Rust-Oleum Penetrating Lubricant Spray

Brand Lubricants and Cleaners
Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Composition Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Kerosene, Naphthenic Petroleum Oil
Weight 454 Grams
Shelf Life 5 Years
Flash Point -141°F (-96°C)
Safety Information For additional information, see SDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here