LTSS4GAL LTSS4GAL Miracle Sealant

Rust-Oleum Miracle Sealants Limestone & Travertine Soap

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As far as the regular cleaning of limestone and travertine is concerned, Miracle Sealants Soap is the best. This liquid soap is made for regular care and maintenance of marble, terrazzo, textured limestone etc. It doesn’t clean only, it also protect the surface without forming any kind of deposit over the surface. Feature which makes soap standout is you can dilute the same. Thus, it is economical to use Miracle Sealants Limestone & Travertine Soap.

Features of Miracle Sealants Limestone & Travertine Soap

  • Biodegradable.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Inflammable.
  • It can be diluted.

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