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Rust-Oleum Heavy Metal Decorative Floor Coating

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Heavy Metal is a two component, metallic pigmented floor coating using Polycuramine resin technology. This coating produces a durable high gloss finish with a metalized appearance. The coating is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. For best finish appearance, Heavy Metal should be applied over a black base coat. FastKote Black is commonly used, but it is not the required black finish.

Note : This coating may also be applied as an opaque coating, rather than a metallic finish, by using the Polyurea Universal Tints. In place of the metallic Color Additive, tint the activated material 12% by volume with the selected tint color to achieve proper hiding.

Features of Heavy Metal Decorative Floor Coating

  • Easy to apply with long working time - 45 minute pot life
  • Fast dry coating accepts traffic in less than 24 hours
  • Durable formula protects against chemicals and abrasion
  • Use FastKote Polurea Black as a base coat for a more dramatic effect

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How to Apply Heavy Metal Decorative Floor Coating

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface must be free of all dirt, grease, oil, fats, and other contamination. Remove surface contamination by cleaning with Pure Strength 3599 Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, detergent, or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water and allowed to dry.

New Uncoated Concrete : New concrete must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days before application. In addition to the aforementioned cleaning, the concrete must be further prepared by mechanical grinding or acid etch to remove all laitance and produce a suitable surface profile.

Previously Coated Concrete : Previously coated concrete must be in good sound condition with the existing coating tightly adhering to the concrete. In addition to the aforementioned cleaning the existing coating must be sanded to dull the finish and produce a slight surface profile. Remove all sanding dust by vacuum.


Apply only when air, material and floor temperatures are between 40 - 90°F (4.5 - 32°C). Do not apply in direct sunlight or when temperature is rising. Immediately after mixing, pour the material onto the floor in a long, 8 to 12 inch wide stripe. Avoid pouring material over control joints or expansion joints.

Properties of Heavy Metal Decorative Floor Coating

Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Resin Type Cycloaliphatic Hybrid
Weight 11.34 Ltr.
Solids by Volume 96%
Volatile Organic Compounds <10 g="" l="" td="">
Mixing Ratio 2:1 (Part A:Part B)
Induction Time None required
Pot Life 45 minutes
Practical Coverage Rate 90-100 sq. ft./gal.
Coverage rate can vary depending on the
texture and porosity of the concrete
Dry Times at 70-80°
(21-27°C) and 50% RH
12 hours – 7 days to Re-Coat
12-16 hours Light Traffic
24 hours to Full Traffic
Shelf Life 24 months
Safety Information For additional information, see MSDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here