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Bellinzoni VX-SL Liquid Silicone Wax Polish

Bellinzoni VX-SL Liquid Silicone Wax Polish

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Bellinzoni VX-SL is special liquid polishing wax for marble, granite, ceramic, and porcelain. It is special because it dries quickly as compare to other chemicals so that you can complete your task in short instance! You can apply VX-SL by using automatic waxing machine or hand. You can use it to protect internal as well as external walls, skirting, risers, and monuments. Moreover, this liquid silicone wax polish can be used to polish any type of stone grinded over grid 800.

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Bellinzoni VX-SL Liquid Silicone Wax Polish

  • Near around 25 to 50 sqm area can be polished in 1 KG (depends on stone porosity).
  • Best to use for vertical surface.
  • Give water-repellent properties to treated surface.

Tip: Read instructions mentioned on label for best results.

Properties of VX-SL Liquid Silicone Wax

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Appearance Liquid
Color Semi-Transparent
Oder Of Solvent
Weight 1 Kg.
Specific Gravity at 20° 1,48
Hydro-solubility Non-Soluble
Shelf Life at 20° 12 Months in Original Packing
For more information See Technical Data Sheet
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