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Bellinzoni Strong Bert 27 - Detergent for Stone

Bellinzoni Strong Bert 27 - Detergent for Stone

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Bellinzoni Bert-27 is a concentrated detergent for natural stone. It is the best cleaner for granite, cement, gres, and cotto. It is ideal to use for cleaning of mortar residual, grease and oil dirt. It also works effectively against rust. This cleaning chemical is suitable to use for floors, slabs and more. It is not recommended to use for marble, calcareous stones, and other material which is sensitive to acid. For best result, rub with brush or single disc machine with abrasive pads. Rinse the floor very well with water and alkaline detergent, then pass the vacuum cleaner to remove dirty water.

Coverage: It is possible to treat 80-150 sqm of are with 1 liter of chemical. It also depends of dilution and toughness of stains.

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NOTE: It is not ideal for cleaning of stones for general purposes.

How to Apply Bellinzoni Bert 27?

This product must be used on very resistant dirts on stones, terracotta and ceramic. It reacts very well for the removal of degreasing oil residuals, salt efflorescences or superficial oxidation spot (rust on granite). Dilute the product in pure water, proceed applying using a mop or pour it directly on the part to be treated. For floor application apply the product using a mop, let it work for 5-10 minutes, rub with brush, abrasive pad or if available using a single disc machine (150-250 rpm) equipped with abrasive discs type Scotch Brite. If dirt residual are still present, proceed to apply the product once. Rinse very well with water, brushing continuously and recover residual using sponges, cloths, mop or vacuum.

Suggestion for Using The Product

  • To clean spot of cement, mortar, plaster etc. Dilute 20/30 ml (2 table spoon) of product in 1 liter (1 quart) of warm water.
  • To clean spot of rust, grease etc. Dilute 50 ml (3-4 tablespoon) of product in 1 liter (1 quart) of warm water.
  • To clean residual of efflorescence on granites, porphyry, terracotta and ceramic: dilute 30 ml (2 table spoon) in 1 liter (1 quart) of warm water.
  • The product is acid based therefore we recommend to rinse very well all tools used for the job, specially the vacuum unit or single disc machine.
  • We suggest not to use BERT 27 on polished marble, on calcareous stones on slates and any material acids sensitive.
  • Before use, read carefully the recommendations printed on the tin.

Properties of Bert-27 - Stone Detergent

Brand/Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Appearance Liquid
Color Transparent
Oder Pungent
Weight 1 Ltr and 5 Ltr
Specific gravity at 20°C 1.07
pH 0,5 ± 0,2
Hydro-Solubility Soluble at Every Ratio
Biodegradability 100%
Shelf Life at 20° 12 Months in Original Packing
For More Information Check Technical Data Sheet
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