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Bellinzoni Strong 2000 Efflorescence Stone Sealer

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Bellinzoni Strong 2000 is a transparent solvent based sealer which protects stones from the harmful effect of water, grease, humidity, moisture, and acid rain. It also protects the surface from efflorescence (white salt like deposit). You can use this chemical for marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, concrete, terra cotta, facing bricks, and more. Bellinzoni Strong 2000 Efflorescence Sealer adds water repellent properties to surface without changing altering look.

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Features of Bellinzoni Strong 2000 Efflorescence Sealer

  • Waterproof consolidating agent for stone.
  • Coverage: 150 to 270 Sq.Ft for polished marble and granite (depends on porosity and type of stone).
  • Color: clear transparent.

Tip: For best results, it is recommended to apply the chemical until complete saturation.

Properties of Bellinzoni Strong 2000 Efflorescence Stone Sealer




Clear transparent


Characteristic of solvent

Specific gravity at 20°C (68°F)



Not soluble

Drying time at 20°C (68°F)

45-60 minutes*

Complete drying time

8 hours*

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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