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Bellinzoni Special Preparato Marble & Granite Polishing Wax

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You can use Bellinzoni Special Preparato Wax to create mirror-like shining on marble floors, granite counter tops etc. This polishing wax works best on marble, granite, terrazzo, engineered stone etc. Whether you need to polish new surface or need to restore the shinning of old surface, product delivers long lasting results. You can simply apply this wax by using steel wool, cloth, angle grinder, single disc machine, grinder, and harm polisher etc.

NOTE: It is not allowed to send this item through air mode. Surface mode is enabled for the same. Thus, shipping will be done through surface.

Features of Bellinzoni Special Preparato Wax

  • Coverage: Near around 300 Sq.Ft. area can be treated in 1 KG.
  • Brings long lasting reflective shine.
  • Works on several stones.
  • Imported from Italy.

TIP: Leave the wax on surface for penetration in order to achieve best results.

Application of Bellinzoni Special Preparato Wax

Properties of Bellinzoni Special Preparato Wax




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