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Bellinzoni Nanotech Liquid Polish DURALBRILL

Bellinzoni Nanotech Liquid Polish DURALBRILL

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Bellinzoni Nanotech Duralbrill is the first choice of stone care professionals when it comes to bring extra-ordinary shinning of marble, granite, terrazzo, and agglomerated marble. It makes a transparent film which gives shine as well protects the surface from water, detergent, and abrasion. The chemical is enriched properties so that you can use it to polish high-traffic floors. It serves long lasting service to treated surface.

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Features of Bellinzoni Nanotech Duralbrill Polishing Chemical

  • Size – 1 liter.
  • Coverage: 270 to 1000 square feet area in 1 liter (depends on absorbance of stone).
  • Hydro-solubility: soluble in every ratio.
  • For indoor use.

Tip: It is recommended to dilute the product to avoid deposit on surface.

Properties of Bellinzoni Nanotech Duralbrill Polishing Chemical







Specific gravity at 20°C (68° F)

1,05 ± 0,02


Soluble in every ratio


9,00 ± 0,02

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