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Bellinzoni Mastice Thasos - Epoxy/Adhesive for Marble & Granite

Bellinzoni Mastice Thasos - Epoxy/Adhesive for Marble & Granite

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Bellinzoni Mastice Thasos is two pack mastic for marble and other stone, based on unsatured modified polyester resins. It hardens quickly adding its hardener. It has good adhesive power. It is very similar to crystalline marble like Thassos, Makrana, Sivec, and Bianco Carrara. After hardening, it can be worked as the stone. It is resistance to the most of chemical product such as oils, fats, detergent, solvents etc.

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How to Bellinzoni Mastice Thassos

Surface to treat must be clean, dry and dust free. Add the hardener to the mastic in the ratio of 4% in weight for temperatures higher than 18°C. Below this temperature, application is not suggested. Mix well and lay the product on the surface using spatula, applying pressure on it.

InfraRed It is possible to use IR lamps (medium wave type is suggested) to achieve better drying and hardening of the product. After the application, irradiate the mastic for some minutes. The surface temperature must be under 60°C. Working of the surface can be done when its temperature goes under 30°C. In order to keep transparency and crystalline effect, dry time of new Thassos is longer than other polyester mastic. At 25°C, it takes 4 hours to dry.

Sugesstion to Use the Product

  • Only special clear paste hardener can be used. Dont use regular PBO hardener or other hardeners.
  • It is possible to obtain better superficial exsiccation and diminish gel-time in the same time using the specific hardener.
  • Avoid to use the product on surfaces kept at temperatures >40°C for long times, because it could turn yellow.
  • During the stocking, the mastic paste could become yellowish. The polymer becomes white again when used and catalyzed.
  • Dont use hardener in quantity less than 4% or at low temperature which makes canalization time very long.

Technical Characteristics of Bellinzoni Mastice Thasos

Brand Bellinzoni
Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Physical State Paste
Color Clear Crystalline Opalescent
Oder Characteristic
Weight 750 ml
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,15 ± 0,01
Type Of Bonding Mix of Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Hardener Special Paste (Normal Hardeners Dont Work)
Catalysis 4% in Weight
Hydro-Solubility Non-Soluble
Shelf Life at 20° 6 Months in Original Packing
For More Information Check Technical Data Sheet
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