Bellinzoni MangiaRuggine Rust Eater for Natural Stones
Bellinzoni MangiaRuggine Rust Eater for Natural Stones - 250 Ml
Bellinzoni MangiaRuggine Rust Eater for Natural Stones - 1  Ltr.

Bellinzoni MangiaRuggine Rust Eater for Natural Stones

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Bellinzoni Mangia Ruggine (“RustEater”) is a gel product, especially formulated for the elimination of stains of rust on all lapideous materials such as marbles, granites, calcareous stones, slate, terracorra and ceramics. It does not contain acids and so, unlike other similar products, it can be safely used also on polished marbles, without ruining the shine. The “RustEater” Gel acts quickly and it removes rust without effort.

How to Apply Bellinzoni Mangia Ruggine?

Wet in advance the surface with clean water. Then apply a 5 mm thick layer of “Rust Eater” on the stain of rust to be removed, using a spatula or a small shovel. Once the product has been evenly distributed on the stain to be eliminated, let “Rust Eater” work, it will turn its original semitransparent yellow-orange color into opaque dark violet. This colouring shows that the necessary reaction for rust removal has correctly occurred.

Time of activation of “Rust Eater” can considerably change, depending on the material on which it is applied and surface finish aspect. In general, on materials with shiny finish it is necessary to wait more time. In any case, it is suggested to perform preliminary tests for determine specific time of activation.

Once the reaction has happened, it is suggested to leave not the “Rust Eater” on treated material for more than 10 minutes, in order to avoid that reacted product could penetrate in the material. Rinse with abundant water and repeat the application if necessary.

Suggestion to Use Mangia Ruggine

  • In case that, after first application, the stain is not completely disappeared, proceed to further applications.
  • Read carefully the recommendations printed on label before use.
  • Always perform a test before use.
    • Technical Characteristics of Bellinzoni Mangia Ruggine

      Brand/Manufacturer Bellinzoni
      Appearance Gel
      Color Light yellow-orange, semi-transparent
      Oder Characteristic, with perfume
      Weight 250 ml and 1 ltr
      Specific gravity at 20°C 1,05 ± 0,02
      pH 7,5 ± 0,2
      Hydro-Solubility Soluble
      Biodegradability 100%
      Shelf Life at 20° 12 Months in Original Packing
      For More Information Check Technical Data Sheet