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Rust-Oleum Wolman Deck and Fence Brightener

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Wolman Deck & Fence BrightenerWood Cleaner & Coating Prep functions as two products. It is a cleaner for weathered wood and a pre-coating preparation for new or weathered wood. When mixed with water, Deck & Fence Brightener liquid concentrate quickly and safely restores dirty, weathered-gray, mildew and algae-stained wood to its natural, like-new look. It also removes rust stains from nail bleed and black tannin stains from tannin-rich woods such as Cedar, Redwood and exotic hardwoods. In just 10 minutes, Deck & Fence Brightener, a chlorine-free formula, deep cleans without damaging the wood’s cell structure or leaving a bleached out look. It also removes residual traces of old water sealers from weathered wood and invisible coating barriers such as “mill glaze” from new Cedar, enabling proper adhesion and penetration of protective sealers and stains. The 100% biodegradable formula will not harm grass or surrounding plant life.

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Features of Wolman Deck and Fence Brightener

  • Eliminates mildew & algae stains, black tannin stains, mill glaze
  • Environmentally safe, acid-free, chlorine-free
  • Restores wood to its natural look
  • Prepares surface for sealing and staining

How to Apply Wolman Deck and Fence Brightener

Surface Preparation

Before you start, pre-rinse grass, plants and scrubs surrounding the wood structure to be cleaned. Cover any exposed aluminum surfaces to prevent corrosion. Sweep away any surface dirt and debris. If the surface is in direct sunlight and hot to the touch, dampen with fresh water.


Use in a well ventilated area and ONLY as directed. DILUTE BEFORE USE. In a five gallon plastic bucket, combine one gallon of concentrate with four gallons water to make five gallons solution, enough to clean/prepare approximately 750 square feet. Each gallon of solution cleans approximately 150 square feet. If less than five gallons solution is needed use a plastic measuring device to combine one part concentrate with four parts water. Stir for one minute or until solution is thoroughly blended. Do not mix with any other products.


Make sure entire wood surface is dry and free of dust, dirt and debris. If the surface is hot to the touch or in direct sunlight, dampen with fresh water to cool. Apply when outside temperature is above 40°F (4°C) and when 24 hours of precipitation-free weather is expected. On a horizontal surface, apply the mixture with a pump sprayer, brush or mop. On a vertical surface (siding or fencing), apply with a pump sprayer or deep-nap roller, working from the bottom to the top of the structure. Work end-to-end on 5-10 boards (20 square foot areas) at a time, in order to maintain adequate surface wetness to allow concentration of the cleaning effort. Allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes, keeping wet with more solution as needed.

Properties of Wolman Deck and Fence Brightener

Brand Wolman
Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Physical Properties Liquid Concentrate
Active Ingredient Oxalic Acid
Weight 3.78 Ltr.
Application Parameters 40°F - 90°F (4°C - 32°C)
Dry Time Allow wood to dry thoroughly before
applying a water based finish.
Allow a minimum of 24 hours
before applying oil based stain or finish
Biodegradable Active ingredient biodegrades into Inert chemicals
Safety Information For additional information, see MSDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here