Rust-Oleum Peel Coat Peelable Primer Spray for Car and Bike

Rust-Oleum Peel Coat Peelable Primer Spray for Car and Bike

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Rust-Oleum Peelable Primer gives you the ability to modify car/bike very differently. You can give temporary color, finish, and design etc. to your vehicle easily with peelable primer. The feature of this product is not limited to vehicle customization! The coating also protects the surface from gasoline. Moreover, it is washable as well. It possible to use this spray on OEM painted surface, metal, plastic, and glass. The coverage of one peelable primer spray cane is near around 6-7 square feet.

Features of Rust-Oleum Peelable Primer Spray

  • Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces including metal, plastic, painted surface.
  • Automatic and manual car washable.
  • Fast drying.

NOTE: Follow the directions mentioned in TDS for best results.

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 Technical Details

Resin Type


Pigment Type

Titanium Dioxide


Water, Glycol Ethers

Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT

6-7 sq.ft./can (0.6-0.65 m2 /can)

Dry Heat Resistance

300°F (148°C)

Shelf Life

2 years

Flash Point

42°F (-41°C)

Application of Rust-Oleum Peelable Primer Spray

Surface Preparation: Clean the area which you want to paint. The surface must be clean and dry. Cover the surroundings to avoid spray mist. Avoid to use when conditions are windy.

Application: Shake the cane for 60 seconds properly. Apply 3 or more coats. Wait at least 2 minutes before apply new coat. Maintain the distance between cane and surface. Distance should be 8 to 12 inches.

For more information: Check technical data sheet.