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Rust-Oleum Factor 4 Synthetic Car Wax Polish Kit

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Rust-Oleum Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit is an innovative polish to bring long shine to car surface. It brings extra-ordinary shine and protects the surface from UV rays, pollution, moisture, dust, dirt, and more. This kit contains everything you need to polish including Sponge for buffing, Instant Detailer (cleans, shines, and protects), Synthetic Wax Tube with advanced electrofusion technology, Concentrated Wax, and Towel.

Features of the Product:-

  • Stunning High Gloss Finish.
  • Extreme Water Beading.
  • Protects From Fading & Contaminants.
  • Dust & Dirt Repellency.
  • KIT: Sponge for Buffing, Instant Detailer Liquid: 118 ML. Concentrated Wash: 59 ML. Synthetic Wax Tube: 59 ML. Towel.

Steps to Apply Rust-Oleum Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit

Step 1: Wash

Shake well. Pour entire bottle of Deep Cleaning Wash into a 3.78 liters of water. Wash car with sponge or clay bar. Leave wash on vehicle’s paint for near around 15 minutes to ensure positive ions adhere to the negative ions in the Synthetic Wax.

Step 2: Wax

In the shade, apply several small dabs of Synthetic Wax to the included applicator pad. For detailed instructions, see diagram below. Do not buff immediately, the wax needs time to fuse your car’s clear coat. The wax will tell you when it’s time to remove by changing from white to a hazy, translucent white.

Step 3: Shine

Once the wax has turned to a hazy, translucent white, buff off with the included microfiber towel. Continue until your entire vehicle is waxed and buffed to a stunning shine.

For Best Results

  • Must use Deep Cleaning Was together with synthetic wax to achieve maximum protection.
  • Pre-clean with a clay bar and apply compound to fill and remove scratches.
  • DO NOT use on plastic trim or flat paints.
  • DO NOT use automatic car wash – wash vehicle by hand with a pH neutral car wash solution to main longevity.
  • Use a Wax and Tar Remover to remove wax from your vehicle’s paint.

NOTE: Kindly check safety data sheet for safety instructions.

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