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Rust-Oleum Automotive Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray Paint

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It is best to use Rust-Oleum Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray Paint for painting automotive surfaces. The aerosol spray is manufactured with ultimate adhesion properties which create long lasting bond with wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. These spray paints come with in-built features of primer so you will not have to use primer separately. The name of product “Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray” itself signifies its coverage. You can paint near around 10 to 12 square feet of area with one aerosol cane. These spray paints enables you paint your car or bike in a short period of time.

NOTE: It is not allowed to send this item through air mode. Surface mode is enabled for the same. Thus, shipping will be done through surface.

Features of Rust-Oleum Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray Paint

  • Delivers long lasting finish.
  • In-built functions of paint and primer both.
  • Provides 2 time more coverage as compare to other brands.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.

NOTE: Surface must be clean, free of dust and dirt for long lasting adhesion.

Technical Properties of Rust-Oleum Automotive Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray

Resin Type

Acrylic Modified Alkyd

Pigment Type

Varies with Color


Acetone, N-Butane, n-Butyl Acetate, Naphtha, Xylene

Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT (assumes 15% material loss)

10-12 sq.ft./can

Dry Heat Resistance

200ºF (93ºC)

Shelf Life

5 years

Flash Point

-156°F (-104°C)

Safety Information

Check SDS

For more information, check technical data sheet.