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Krud Kutter Carpet Cleaner & Instant Stain Remover

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Krud Kutter Car Pet Cleaner & Instant Stain Remover is safe to use for all types of carpets. This chemical penetrates deeply into the fibers which makes it very effect to remove tough stains like grease, coffee, wine and more. This cleaner adds a special property to fiber due to which carpet repels the dirt and stains; therefore cleaning will be easier for next time.

It safely and easily removes pet stains, motor oil, blood stains, coffee, mud clay, shoe polish, grease, urine, food spills, cola, clay and more. Click here if youve more queries.

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Features of Krud Kutter Carpet Cleaner

  • Safe for all types of carpet.
  • Compatible with carpet cleaning machines.
  • Earth Friendly.
  • Excellent coverage: 50-300 square feet of area.

Instructions for Using Krud Kutter Carpet Cleaner

  • Move furniture and vacuum area to be cleaned. Make sure all loose strands, seams and edges on your carpet are secure.
  • Pre-treat any unusual or especially stubborn spots or stains by using KRUD KUTTER (in undiluted form) as a stain remover prior to cleaning carpet.
  • If additional cleaning is necessary on heavily soiled areas, make sure carpet to be cleaned is nearly dry before re-cleaning.
  • When you are finished, open windows and doors for faster drying. In very cold weather, turn on the heat. In very warm weather, turn on the air-conditioning.
  • If you want to replace your furniture before the carpet has completely dried, place a piece of aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent the furniture from staining the carpet.

How to Clean Carpet with Krud Kutter Carpet Stain Remover?

Before Cleaning Test for colorfastness on a hidden section of carpet. Remove loose dirt from area to be cleaned. For wet spills, blot area with a clean, absorbent cloth. Follow the directions below.

DIRECTIONS - CARPET STAIN REMOVAL Spray soiled area and allow to penetrate for one minute. Gently rub with a clean absorbent cloth or towel. Rinse with a clean damp cloth. Repeat as needed. Allow to dry completely and then vacuum. For best results, use promptly after the spot occurs, and do not over wet carpet or fabrics. Some stains will cause permanent discoloration, even after cleaning.

WARNING: Do not mix this product with other chemicals.

Properties of Krud Kutter Carpet Satin Remover

Brand Krud Kutter
Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Composition Proprietary Blend of Biodegradable Surfactants,
Detergents and Emulsifiers
Color Clear
pH <12.2
Weight 3.78 Ltr.
VOC 0%
Practical Coverage 200-300 square feet
Shelf Life NA
Flash Point Non-flammable
of contact with eyes or skin, flush with water for at least
15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
If swallowed, take large amounts of water. Do not induce
vomiting. Get medical attention. KEEP OUT OF REACH
Safety Information For additional information, see SDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here