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Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Spray Paint

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Treat your automotive accessories such as bumper, mirror covers, or any other part of car/bike/vehicle with superior paint “Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Spray Paint” and enjoy its long-lasting service. Specially, the bare and primed metal surface treatments can be taken care of by this Enamel Spray Paint. Although, this aerosol spray can be used for plastic surfaces as well but it recommended to follow these guidelines when it is going to be used for plastic. The special features of this vehicle paint are; it delivers professional finish, with perfect color and gloss retention. Also, it keeps moisture, rust and corrosion away from the surface and is ideal for touch-up jobs.

NOTE: It is not allowed to send this item through air mode. Surface mode is enabled for the same. Thus, shipping will be done through surface.

Features of Automotive Enamel Spray Paint

  • Automotive Enamel Spray Paint maintains vibrant color of your vehicle.
  • Perfect for automotive and other metal surfaces.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Hard-wearing, enduring finish that keeps out nicks and scratches.
  • Excellent coverage & durable color retention.
  • Great for touch-ups.
  • UV & Weather Resistance.

Keep in mind: Keep the Spray away from ignition sources. Wash hands after using the spray. Close the can properly after use.

Step by Step Guide to Use Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Spray Paint

#Step 1:- Surface preparation is essential for better finish. Before spraying, clean the object which is going to be treated. Mentioned below are the surface pre-treatment points that will assist in getting auto-professional finish.

  • Clean all oil, grease, wax and dirt over the surface with Krud Kutter Cleaning Chemical.
  • Remove the loose paint and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Lightly sand glossy surface.
  • Use 400-grit sandpaper to dry or wet sand.
  • Dry thoroughly.

#Step 2:- Apply the paint in proper environmental circumstances. Take care of the followings:-

  • Use in area where ventilation is proper.
  • Use temperature in between 10°C to 32°C.
  • Use humidity below 65 % to ensure proper drying.
  • Make sure that surface temperature is not more than 93°C.
  • Dont spray in windy and dusty conditions.

#Step 3:- In order to use spray can in a proper way, do have a look at the below mentioned points:-

  • Shake aerosol cane vigorously for a 60 seconds after mixing ball begins to rattle.
  • In case mixing ball fails to rattle, “do not strike spray-can. Contact Rust-Oleum.
  • Shake while spraying.
  • Hold the can upright 10-16” from surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion.
  • Slightly overlap each stroke.
  • Instead of applying one heavy coat, do more light coats over the surface.
  • Dont use this near ignition sources.

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Automotive Properties of Enamel Spray Paint

Brand Rust-Oleum
Resin Type Modified Alkyd
Pigment Type Varies with color
Solvents Acetone and Aromatic Hydrocarbons
MIR 1.40 Max
Practical Coverage
at Recommended DFT
8-10 sq.ft./can
Fill Weight 312 Grams
Recommended Dry Film
Thickness (DFT) Per Coat
1.0-2.0 mil (25-50µ)
Dry Times at 70-80°F
(21-27°C) and 50% Relative Humidity
15 minutes to touch and 1 hour to re-coat (25-50µ)
Shelf Life 5 years
Flash Point -156°F (-104°C)
Safety Information MSDS
For More Information See TDS