Wood Stain

Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Stains in Luxury Colors

There is a huge difference between painting and staining wood. Generally, paint forms a coating around the surface that hides the natural look and feel of wood. The solution of wood stain goes in the pores of wood without forming coating over the surface and delivers the color; this doesn’t alter the natural beauty of wood. Our stains can be used for interior and exterior surfaces but for outdoor surfaces, it is recommend to apply spar urethane after stain is applied.

The Perfect Collection of Wood Stain Colors and Size

A professional woodworker or a person who wants wood stain; always conscious about the colors. Therefore, Truworth Homes imports perfect collection of luxury colors from Rust-Oleum USA. We are offering red mahogany, cabernet, traditional cherry, black cherry, golden mahogany and more (see the color chart below) with different packing sizes. These are available in the packing of 236 ml, 946 ml, 3.78 liters, and aerosol spray cane.

Wood Stain Color Chart



Staining horizontal surface is comparatively difficult than vertical. In case of horizontal, it is not possible to maintain the intensity of color equally but you don’t need to worry about that because Truworth also provides gel stain so that you can beautify doors, window trim, furniture and more.

Our Innovative Wood Stain Product

In order to keep the stain’s color beautiful for long period of time, surface needs protection from scratches as well as surroundings. This can be done with the help of polyurethane. You will have to apply PU after the application of wood stain. It means, you need PU and wood stain to complete the job in a proper way. Therefore, Truworth also offers One Step Stain and Polyurethane (stain and poly urethane in one).

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