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Rust-Oleum Parks Pro Finisher Universal Sealer

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Pro Finisher Universal Sealer is a unique wood sealer made from 100% wax-free shellac, designed to enhance the natural wood grain on floors. It penetrates porous wood grain and seals both domestic and exotic woods. It is compatible with oil-based and water-based finishes, and dries quickly to give a rich tone to wood floor surfaces.

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How to Apply Parks Pro Finisher Universal Sealer

Surface Preparation

Previously Finished Wood Floors - To ensure proper adhesion, surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of wax, grease, oil, shellac, lacquer, mildew, and polishes. Remove wax with a wax stripper, shellac with a paint stripper, and mildew with a solution of 10% household bleach and water. Old finishes in poor condition should be removed. If existing finished wood surface or wood floor is in good condition and free from wax or other contaminates, you may recoat without sanding surface to bare wood. If sanding is needed, use 150-220 grit sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface. Do not use steel wool as rust may develop after the finish has been applied. Remove all sanding dust using a vacuum or a tack cloth. Universal Sealer may be applied as a bond coat over existing finishes, including prefinished floors coated with aluminum oxide.

New Wood Flors - Sand with the grain using 100-120 grit sandpaper and remove all sanding dust using a vacuum and then tacking with a lint-free cotton cloth. If a filler or putty is used, make sure it does not contain wax allow enough time for it to dry thoroughly.

Stained or Painted Wood - Oil or water based stains can be used prior to sealer application for custom coloring. Test a sample area for product compatibility. Stain must be thoroughly dry before applying Pro Finisher Universal Sealer.


Do not apply in direct sunlight. Use with adequate ventilation at all times. Apply only when air (ambient) temperature is between 60-80°F (16-27°C) and relative humidity is below 85%. Use full strength. Do not thin. Stir thoroughly before and during use. To prevent bubbles in the finish, DO NOT SHAKE, do not overbrush, or apply with a roller.

For best results, use Pro Finisher Universal Applicator (Rust-Oleum Pat No.139437) which allows you to apply thin, even coats. Other options are a Short nap roller or Pro Finisher Lambswool Applicator. Apply the sealer to the surface in an even, consistent coat using full, level strokes. Apply evenly and consistently to floor in the direction of the grain at a rate of approximately 500-600 square feet per gallon. Allow sealer to dry 30-45 minutes.

Properties of Parks Pro Finisher Universal Sealer

Brand Parks
Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Resin Type Shellac
Pigment Type NA
Solvents Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Water
Weight 946 ml
Volatile Organic Compounds 655 g/l (5.45 lbs./gal.)
Recommended Dry Film
Thickness (DFT) Per Coat
0.5 mils
Wet Film to Achieve DFT
(unthinned material)
Dry Times at 70-80°F
(21-27°C) and 50% RH
10-45 minutes to Touch
45 minutes to Re-Coat
Shelf Life 3 years
Flash Point 55°F (13°C)
Safety Information For additional information, see MSDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here