Wood Cleaners

Is your wood surface dark in color and you want to make it lighter? If yes, then we...
Rust-Oleum Wolman Deckstrip-ASR Acrylic Stain Remover
Rs. 4,210.00Rs. 3,790.00
Wolman DeckStrip ASR Acrylic Stain Remover is a ready-touse, premium quality, exterior wood stripper for all types of...
Varathane All Purpose Wood / Furniture Cleaner (Safe + Fast)
Rs. 1,610.00Rs. 1,450.00
This product has all the properties that are necessary to have in the best general purpose wood cleaner....
Rust-Oleum Varathane No Sanding Refinishing Prep
Rs. 1,490.00Rs. 1,340.00
Varathane No Sanding Refinishing Prep offers an easy solution for preparing wood surfaces for refinishing without the need...
Rs. 1,960.00
Rs. 4,210.00 Rs. 3,790.00
Rs. 1,610.00 Rs. 1,450.00
Rs. 1,490.00 Rs. 1,340.00