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Rust-Oleum Watco Wipe-On Poly - 946 ml

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Watco Wipe-On Poly designed to provide the protection of a polyurethane finish that is easily hand-applied to wood. Watco Wipe-On Poly provides a clear finish that is resistant to water and general household chemicals. It is recommended for use on interior furniture and intricate wood items. It can be applied to stained, painted or bare interior wood surfaces. It is not recommended for floors or exterior wood surfaces.

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Features of the Product

  • Great for high detailed pieces.
  • Guards against general household stains.
  • Hand rubbed polyurethane protection.

How to Apply Watco Wipe-On Poly

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of wax, grease, oil, shellac, lacquer, mildew and polishes. Remove wax with a wax stripper, shellac with a paint stripper, and mildew with a solution of 10% household bleach and water. If sanding of the wood surface is required, prepare by sanding in the direction of the grain. Begin with #120 grit sandpaper and progress though #150, #180 and #220 grits. Remove all sanding dust and dirt with a vacuum, tack cloth, or rag dampened with mineral spirits.


Use only when air (ambient) temperature is between 60-90°F (16-32°C) and relative humidity is below 85%. Allow for longer dry times during damp and humid conditions. Stir the contents of the container thoroughly. DO NOT SHAKE. Apply a coat of Wipe-On Poly using a good quality lint free rag or cloth. Allow to dry for 4 hours. Apply a second coat. Wait 4 hours and repeat the process. Three coats are recommended for the best protection. Before applying the final coat, lightly sand the surface in the direction of the grain using #220 grit sandpaper. Remove all sanding dust with a rag dampened with mineral spirits, tack cloth or a vacuum.

Properties of Watco Wipe-On Poly

Brand Watco
Manufacturer Rust-Oleum
Resin Type Urethane-modified Alkyd
Pigment Type NA
Solvents Mineral spirits
Weight 946 ml
Volatile Organic Compounds <460 g/l (3.83 lbs./gal.)
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT
(assumes 15% material loss)
50-100 sq.ft./quart
(Varies with type and porosity of wood)
Wet Film to Achieve DFT
(unthinned material)
3.5-6.5 mils
Recommended Dry Film
Thickness (DFT) Per Coat
3 mil
Dry Times at 70-80°F
(21-27°C) and 50% RH
2-4 hours to Touch
4-6 hours to Re-Coat
8-12 hours to Handle
24 hours to Full Care
Shelf Life 3 years
Flash Point >100°F (38°C)
Safety Information For additional information, see MSDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here