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Rust-Oleum Seal Krete Heavy Duty Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

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When exterior concrete or masonry walls are exposed to rainwater or high humidity, water and moisture can travel through the masonry and affect your internal walls. This means that your walls may stay damp for a long time before drying, which may lead to mold growth and irreparable damage. Sealing them with Rust-Oleum Seal Krete Heavy Duty Concrete and Masonry is best way to prevent damages. This water-based acrylic formula is suitable to use for vertical porous concrete and masonry surfaces like fluted concrete block or split-face. The chemical also makes suitable porous concrete surface for painting.

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Features of Seal Krete Heavy Duty Concrete Waterproofer:-

  • Excellent for binding chalky surfaces or bare vertical substrates.
  • Water-based, 25% solids, and acrylic formula.
  • Heavy duty formula.

NOTE:Read and follow the directions mentioned on tin.

How to Use Seal Krete Heavy Duty Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean and dry. Remove any loose or peeling paint and excessive chalk. Repair all cracks and surface breaks. Cover windows, doors, etc., prior to application. Use caution when applying on windy days. Remove any overspray immediately with water.

Application: Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours. Temperatures should not fall below 50°F within 24 hours of application. Ready to use – do not dilute. Apply SEAL-KRETE Heavy-Duty using a garden sprayer, airless sprayer, brush or roller. Spray applications should be backrolled to assure proper surface penetration. Apply a minimum of 2 flood coats, allowing a minimum of 2 hours dry time between coats. SEAL-KRETE Heavy-Duty goes on milky white, which aids in complete surface application, but dries clear.

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