Bellinzoni RR1 Liquid Wax for Stone Care and Maintenance

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Bellinzoni RR1 Liquid Wax is manufactured for stone care and maintenance. It can be used floors, countertops, and more. This natural and synthetic wax based formula gives a brilliant and warm shining. It keeps the natural shine, even after cleaning with regular detergent. This product is soluble with water at every ratio. Hence, few milliliters can restore the shining of large area. This can be used for granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, agglomerated, and engineered stones.

Features of RR1 Liquid Wax

  • Great for stone care and maintenance.
  • Restore and keeps the natural beauty of stones.
  • Resistance to regular detergent.
  • Water-soluble.

NOTE: The similar product is also available in spray that is Bellinzoni RR1 Spray.

How to Apply Bellinzoni RR1 LIquid Wax?

Wash well the floor with Bellinzoni LEM-3. For very old or very dirty floors, it is recommended to use De-Waxer Décor-Dos. After washing, rinse very well and let it dry and wait till complete dry. Once the surface has dried, proceed to dilute RR1 in lukewarm water. Use 1 cap of solution with every liter of water. Apply evenly the wax with a scrubbing brush equipped with a soft cloth. Let the wax dry, don’t allow traffic on it meanwhile. Polish energetically with a dry cloth or a floor polishing machine.

Suggestions for using it for Stone Care and Maintenance

  • To achieve best result, allow the wax to dry as long as possible before buffing.
  • It is suggested to dilute the solution always in order to avoid build-up on the floor.
  • This is suitable for indoor use only.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully that are printed on tin.

Properties of Bellinzoni RR1 Liquid Wax Stone Care and Maintenance

Brand/Manufacturer Bellinzoni
Appearance Liquid
Color Whitish
Oder Lavender Perfume
Weight 1 Liter
Hydro-solubility Soluble at every ratio
Shelf Life at 20°C 12 Months in Original Packing
Biodegradability More than 90%
For more information See Technical Data Sheet