Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Brush Waterproof Rubber Coating

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Now LeakSeal Rubber coating is available in Liquid From as well! This product has been quick and effective to repair small cracks. You can use this rubberized coating to seal interior or exterior cracks. Product offers water tight coating which prevents moisture penetration, rust, corrosion, and more. It performs best on metal, galvanised metal, PVC, concrete, fibreglass, masonry etc.

Features of LeakSeal Brush

  • Ideal to be used for roofs, flashing, ductwork, and more.
  • Easily fills area where reach is difficult.
  • Stands against sunlight.

NOTE: This is not recommended to use inside water.  

Properties of LeakSeal Brush Waterproof Coating


946 ml

Resin Type

Synthetic Rubber


N-Butyl Acetate, VM&P Naphtha

Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT

20 to 40 square feet.

Dry Times at 70-80°F (21-27°C) and 50% Relative Humidity

1 Hour to Touch. 30-60 Minutes to Recoat. Fully Dries in 24 Hours.

Shelf Life

5 years

Flash Point

50°F (10°C)

Safety Information

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