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Rust-Oleum Automotive Wrinkle Finish Spray Paint

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Rust-Oleum Automotive Wrinkle Finish Spray Paint is suitable to a random wrinkled, textured, microswirl pattern maze of lines and shapes on metals and plastics. This acrylic modified alkyd is fast drying and serve excellent coverage, it serves 12-15 square feet in cane. Its dry heat resistance temperature is 204°C, hence you can use it for hot surfaces as well. Currently, this aerosol spray in available in black color.

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Features of Wrinkle Finish Spray Paint

  • Stops rust formula.
  • Ideal for wood, metal, plastic and other surface.
  • Suitable for automotive accessories.
  • Efficient coverage.

NOTE: After application, allow to dry for two hours so that wrinkle can be visible properly.

How to Apply Rust-Oleum Wrinkle Finish Spray Paint?

Ideal Conditions to Spray

Use outdoors or in a well ventilated area such as an open garage. Use when temperature is between 50-90°F (10- 32°C) and humidity is below 65% to ensure proper drying. Avoid spraying in very windy and dusty conditions. Cover surrounding area to protect from spray mist.

Surface Preparation

Wash the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable cleaning method. Rinse with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth. Thoroughly wipe down the wheel surface with Wax And Tar Remover. Remove loose paint and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Lightly sand glossy surfaces with #320 grit sandpaper.


Shake can vigorously for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. If mixing ball fails to rattle DO NOT STRIKE CAN. Contact Rust-Oleum. Hold can at the top and swirl the bottom of the can in a circular stirring motion for at least 2 minutes so the mixing ball travels around the bottom groove of the can. Repeat this procedure during use. Shake the can up and down occasionally during use. Hold can upright 8-12" from surface and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. Keep the can in motion while spraying. For best appearance, apply 2-3 slightly heavy coats 2-5 minutes apart. A fairly heavy film thickness is required for the product to wrinkle. Do not use near open flame.

Properties of Rust-Oleum Wrinkle Finish Spray Paint

Brand Rust-Oleum
Resin Type Acrylic Modified Alkyd
Pigment Type Proprietary
Solvents Acetone and Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Weight 312 Grams
Recommended Dry Film
Thickness (DFT) Per Coat
1.0-2.0 mils (25-50µ)
Practical Coverage 
at Recommended DFT
12-15 sq.ft./can
Dry Times at 70-80°F
(21-27°C) and 50% Relative Humidity
2 hours to touch and re-coat
Dry Heat Resistance Intermittent 350-400°F (176-204°C)
Shelf Life 5 years
Flash Point -156°F (-104°C)
Safety Information For additional information, see MSDS
Technical Data Sheet Click here