Tips to Protect Marble and Granite from Stains - Stonecare & Maintenance

Natural stones add astonishing beauty thus these can be found in almost every home, office, hotel etc. Moreover, there are many tourist places that have become popular due to beauty of stones only. Unfortunately, natural stones are porous and absorb liquids very fast. Thus, they get tough or permanent stains very easily. Although, sealers can be used to disable them to absorb liquids but proper care is still required. General cleaning chemicals or acid base cleaners enable stones to absorb liquids even after treating them with sealers! There are many other important things that you must consider if you expect long lasting beauty from your installed marble or granite or other stone. You can adopt below mentioned tips to protect your natural stones from stains.

Use Stone Sealers

After polishing your marble/granite floors or countertops, treat them with quality stone sealer. You will need a stone sealing chemical as per the surrounding circumstances. Let’s assume, you have installed stone on exterior walls. In this case, you will need a chemical that protects the surface from moisture, acid rain, UV, and more. In case of interiors, you will need a sealer that disables stone to absorb any liquid in order to keep stains away. See the below video to know how sealer disables stone to absorb liquids.

Additional Knowledge: Before installing, you must always treat all sides of your marble/granite slabs with sealers! Let’s assume, you have treated your stone (marble or granite floors) from the top side only. In this case, if there is any pipe leakage inside the floors or any other issue that causes/increases moisture, stone will absorb the same from inside which may cause efflorescence. Thus, it is advised to treat all sides before installation. Also, stones become yellowish after getting treated with poor quality of sealer! Hence, always use good quality of chemical like Bellinzoni Stone Sealers.

Use Suitable Cleaners

As you know sealers disable stones to absorb liquids in order to protect them from stains but if you are using general household cleaning chemicals for regular cleaning of your marble/granite floors then you are damaging sealing! Possibly, you will not see any immediate change because it depends on the amount of acid that cleaning chemical contains. So, always use cleaner which is particularly made of regular cleaning of natural stones.

Ideal Cleaning Chemical for Natural Stones

Cover Your Dining Table

Is your dining table made up of marble or granite? If yes, then you must cover the same while having dinner/lunch/breakfast in order to prevent the table from food stains! Fruits such as lemon, orange, pomegranate etc. contains acid that damage sealer’s protection.

cover dining table

Never Leave Stains for Later

Even a small party can leave you with a dirty home, messy marble floors, etc. and if you don’t clean them right away they might turn up in a heavy mess. As we stated in the above section, natural stones are porous, meaning that they are prone to absorb liquids and can easily be discolored and harmed if not properly protected.

Do Not Leave Stains for Later

Use Soft Sponge or Cloth

For regular cleaning, it is best to use a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth and warm water. It will prevent your stone from being scratched and leave it with its natural glossy shine for a longer time.

use soft cloth

Use Floor Mats

The role of mats is to stop dirt from entering further into the building. So, by using mats, runners or rugs at the entrance and around your doorways, you can keep your marble away from scratches.

use door matts

Never Place Hot Pans on Granite

Granite is ideal for a kitchen because, under normal condition, heat damage to this kind of stone is very small. However, sometimes granite might also get harmed by the hot pans. So avoid placing the hot pan on granite and enjoy their beautiful service for years to come.

Never Place Hot Item On Stone

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