How to Remove Stains from Natural Stones like Marble & Granite?

Before going ahead, it is necessary to know about the type of stains on the marble. Basically, there are two types! One type is the stains of coffee, tea, rust etc. and the second type is the stains of stickers, labels etc. Commonly, people fail to remove first type of stains from marble. Hence, let’s discuss about the first type of stains before!

Natural stones somewhat are porous even after properly sealing and filling, chances are, they might absorb liquid spilled on the surface. Once spilled liquid seep into the surface, it eventually gets turned into stains which are quite difficult to remove from the surface.

What to do if liquids like tea and coffee is spilled over the marble floor?

The best way to keep the stains away from the surface is to just clean the surface instantly before the liquid starts to penetrate into the stone! Although, every time, it is not possible to clean the surface promptly but in this case you do not need to worry because we have a solution to this problem.

Stain Remover to remove coffee, tea, oil etc. stains

The best product to remove these types of stains is Bellinzoni Mangia Macchia. See the below video to know how effective.

How marble floors get rust?

Before knowing about how to remove rust, it is necessary to know how marble floor get rust stains! This will help you to keep them away from stone. Mostly marble floors get rust in the following situations:-

  • By putting the object on floors that are made up of iron such as cylinder, cooler, etc.
  • Sometimes iron rod (saria) inside the beam get rusted and due to that marble floors also get the stains of rust!
  • Some slabs contains the small iron particles and that particles get converted into rust when come into the contact of moisture/water.
  • Suppose, there is an iron pipe which is leaking and it is rusted at the leaking point. So if the water will fall on marble floor, surely, it will get the stains of rust.

How to remove rust from marbles?

Now, you have become familiar about how a marble floors get the stains of rust. Thus, you can easily prevent them but what to do if there is rust on your marble floors! In order to remove the stains of rust, just use our Bellinzoni MangiaRuggine! Have a look at the video to know how it works.

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