Unique Way of Marbleizing White Paper Cups

Marbleizing a paper, ornaments, rocks or any other fabric is so much fun and quite easy to do. Read the following steps showing how we have marbleized white paper cups in minutes of time.

Supplies You’ll Require

  • A spray cane of Painter's Touch Key Lime.
  • A spray cane of Painter's Touch Berry Pink
  • A spray cane of Painter's Touch Sweet Peak
  • Drop Cloth
  • Disposable Gloves
  • White Vases or White Paper Cups
  • Small tub filled with 5” of lukewarm water that you don’t mind getting a little spray paint on


First, locate a well-ventilated work space, it could also be an open garage or basement. Also, your workplace should be protected with a drop cloth or plastic sheets or newspaper. Keep in mind to use disposable gloves as well.

Step 1: As we mentioned above, you will need a plastic tub filled with 5” of lukewarm water. The temperature is very important. So, try not to use the water too cold or too warm, or the paint will not float properly.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to pour the desired paint in the tub. Start by spraying Painter's Touch Sweet Pea at one end of your plastic tub. Follow the steps to spray Painter's Touch Key Lime Paint in the tub and then repeat the same to spray Painter's Touch Berry Pink Paint in the tub.

pour the desire paint in the tub

Step 3: Look at all those springy colors swirling together!

Swirling Colors

Step 4: Now, gently d the p cup into the tub, almost an inch deep, and roll its every side through the paint. After rolling all sides of the cup through the paint, lift it out and let it dry completely. Repeat the same for another cup.

Dip Cup Into the Tub

  • Jun 12, 2018
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