How to Make DIY Ornate Framed Chalkboard

By driving any chalkboard into an elegant looking gold frame, you promptly make its appearance more presentable and classy, means you can utilize it for parties or events.

How to Make DIY Ornate Framed Chalkboard

Similarly, if you desired to go for a more toned down appearance, you would utilize basic, block color frames to hang your chalkboard in any room of the home. You can purchase sheets of chalkboard reasonably in many DIY stores, or just as easily use chalkboard paint on a thick piece of card to fill the frame.

Large Wood Frames

Artist brush

Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Hardboard cut to fit in frame

Soft mop head brush

Rust-Oleum Specialty Tint-base chalkboard paint.


Latex brush

Foam roller

Leaf sizing

Clean rag

Paint tray

Small Nails



Apply Sizing

Utilize a one-inch artist brush to apply leaf sizing to whole frame. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes, or till sizing turns from milky-white to clean. Sizing should feel adhesive to the touch.

Apply Sizing 

Apply Leaf

Utilize a smooth brush to gently lift leaf sheet and apply to frame. Brush leaf down onto sizing. Pieces will flake off while brushing. Go for these flakes and utilize them to fill in small gaps in leaf. Continue this method until frame is fully covered in leaf. It will look difficult and a little "shaggy."

Apply Leaf 

Spray It Up

After applying those leafs thoroughly onto the frame, now it’s time to spray it up. You can transform this objects such as ornate picture frame by applying Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint in a well-ventilated area onto those le

Spray it up

Make Chalkboard

Now you need to cut a piece of hard board to fit interior frame. Apply two coats of Rustoleum Specialty Tintable Chalkboard Paint with foam roller, letting sufficient dry time between coats. 

 Make Chalkboard                              

Insert Chalkboard

Once dry, insert chalkboard into frame using small nails hammered into sides of frame to protect it.

 Insert Chalkboard

Season Chalkboard

Rub whole chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk. This will season the chalkboard and avoid writing from being burned into the surface. Erase chalkboard with a moist paper towel for a clean look or with a dry one for a smeared, vintage appearance. Utilize chalk or grease pen (chalk ink) to put in writing poems, verses, song lyrics, menus, event details or memos.

Season Chalkboard


Stylish meets humble when a classy gilt frame surrounds a reasonable DIY chalkboard. Place it in the dining room with a thoughtful greeting for holiday guests, or utilize it to announce the dinner menu or evening's festivities.


  1. You can have it cut at your local hardware store.
  2. Spray paint will stay tacky for about 24 hours, so allow lots of dry time after this step.
  3. Cover paint tray and roller in cling wrap between coats so they only need to be washed once.

any surfaces.

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