Glow in the Dark Ghosts – DIY Decoration with Luminous Paint

Basically, Glow in the Dark paint is a unique coating that relies on something other than electricity to offer a soft, glowing light producing a dim source of lighting in a specific space. It is possible to create thousands of fine art and craft projects using glow in the dark paint including ceiling stars for your children’s room, mural art like moons, windows and much more. Using the same, we’ve have created some ghosts theme bottles for Halloween. If you are also thinking of making some fine arts and crafts using this glow in the dark paint, use the following steps!!

Step 1st: Locate a Workplace

First of all, find a well-ventilated to work in. Also, spread out a drop cloth over your working table and nearby items to protect them from drip or overspray (in case you are using a spray paint). Next, gather all the material you will need to perform this job at your workplace.

Supplies that We Used to Complete the Task:

Step 2nd: Prepare the Jars

First of all, remove the cap of the jars and set them aside. Now, start cleaning the jars using water and shop and then wipe them off with a clean cloth. After cleaning, leave them in the air to get dry!

Step 3rd: Prime the Jars

Primer plays a pretty important role in a good paint job by providing both adhesion and corrosion protection to the surface. You can use Painter’s Touch White Primer Spray to prime the jars to be painted. Once the Job is finished, allow them to dry completely.

Step 4th: Glue the Design

Ghost Before Applying Luminous Paint

Draw two eyes and one mouth on the black paper. Remember, you are going to make glowing ghosts. So, draw them accordingly. Cut the diagram of eyes and mouth from the paper with the help of a cutter and then fix them on jars with the help of glue. You can also print some stickers from the many online sticker sources. See the below image for vivid.

Step 5th: Paint the Jars

Now, apply glow in the dark paint using a quality paint brush on the white areas that you can see on the jars in the above image. This paint is also available on Rust-Oleum India for purchase.

Step 6th: Allow Painted Jars to Dry

Ghost After Applying Luminous Paint

Set the jars aside in an open area for 5-6 hours so that they can get dried and the radium particles can get charged! Once done, the jars will be ready!!