Decorative and Easy Mercury Glass Votive You Can DIY

Soft wavering lights of candles are always give excellent relaxing to look at! They can be around your bath tub as well as on your dinning or DIY coffee table to modify the environment into comfy and restful! After the sunset, the candle lights play a vibrant role in the life of a romantic man or woman who just loves very much the soft blooming atmospheres! No matter, whether you are styling up a comfy corner of home or just planning to fancy up your home at night, candle lights would get your first priority always!

Decorative and Easy Mercury Glass Votive You Can DIY

If you just love it to work with hands then you may also make lovely mercury glass votives at home! Just to show you what type of home materials you can utilize and what would be the smart techniques for better results in less time, we have brought this mercury glass votive for you that will please all votive lovers!

Supplies you’ll need

  • Glass Votives (clear or colored).
  • Votive Candles.
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty Mirror Effect Spray paint.
  • Spray Bottle Filled With Water (should have a haze setting).
  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Paper Towels.

Mist Votive With Water

First, you need to fill a spray bottle with water. Ensure it's set to the mist setting (not spray or jet) then gently mist the inside of votives. 

Mist Votive With Water

Coat With Spray Paint Mirror Effect 

Quickly follow with a light (just a quick spray) coat of Rust-Oleum Specialty Mirror Effect Spray Paint to renovate glass and acrylic glass into a unique mirror finish. The water droplets won't permit the paint to stick to the glass making the mottled, mercury glass finish.

Coat With Spray Paint

Add Several Coats of Paint

Carry on to coat the interior of votives with first a light mist of water followed by a light coat of paint for a total of 3 to 5 coats or until you're happy with the votives' look. Once the last coat of paint has fully dried, utilize a paper towel saturated with rubbing alcohol to clean up any overspray on the outdoor of votives. Fill your stylish new mercury glass votives with candles and utilize them to cast a golden glow.

Add Several Coats of Paint 

Final Thought

Not only giving you adequate light for the common days the lovely mercury glass holders and votives are a main part of so many festive decors. This is the reason that they are always under the focus when there is a big family dinner at any happy occasions. Not only serve as the DIY centerpieces on dining table the mercury glass votive similarly grace up the mantles and shelves with the unique style and good looks.

So must master the art of creating cutest, elegant and cool mercury glass votives at home so that whenever there is a need to include them in decor to make some magic and appeal you can go crafty with some of the ideas given to you.


  1. You need beads of water to form on the glass surface.
  2. Don't worry if a few of the spray paint and water run down the edges and pool in the bottom, that's common. Wait five minutes for the paint to dry on the votives' sides, then wisely dab away excess water and spray paint from the bottom with a paper towel, being careful not to hit the votives' sides.
  • Dec 06, 2018
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